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PP Strainers , Lateral , Ejector, Ball

These Strainers are used for Filtration application in pressure sand filter , carbon filter, softeners etc. The MOC of Strainer are made out of PP which is suitable for drinking water application & Resist corrosion having good mechanical strength also these strainers can be made out in different grade of material based on Clients application.

These Strainers are installed on strainer as plate design & Header lateral system for distribution & collection purpose. These Strainers are providing very good flow rate & by which it improves the backwash & filtration efficiency of the Plant. Slit size of strainer is 0.2mm

PP Balls are manufactured from virgin Polypropylene .It is mostly used to recover evaporation and heat loss in electroplating Industries. It is highly resistant to Chemicals, having good mechanical strength.

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