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CORROSION RESISTANT PP/FRP & PVC/FRP Direct Drive Blower for Laboratory Fume Hood

Directly Driven blowers in MOC: PPFRP, PVC, FRP, are manufactured by us and are available in different capacities to suit different applications. Blowers are manufactured up-to 35,000 CFM capacity and are tested as per ISI specification no. IS 4894-1968 for CFM and W.G. Pressure. These blowers are energy efficient as they are manufactured using one-piece injection molded impellers which are dynamically and statically balanced and light in weight

Impellers which are used in blowers are One Piece injection Molded in various diameters: 10”, 12.5”, 15”, 17”, 21” and 24”.


1. In Exhausts systems to limit exposure to hazardous and toxic fumes, vapors or dusts by sucking the fumes from the Laboratory Fume Hood.

2. Used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, bulk drugs, intermediates, organic chemicals, dyes, dyes intermediates, plating, and anodizing industries.

3. Limiting exposure to harmful fumes protects the health of the workmen, thereby increasing production

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