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FRP Molded Grating

FRP Moulded Gratings are widely used in highly corrosive environments and areas exposed to acids, alkalis, chemicals, oils, etc. FRP moulded gratings are used in structures, replacing wood and steel almost completely.

We provide single piece moulded FRP Gratings in different sizes which can be customized as per customer requirement. These can be easily installed and the load carrying capacity is evenly distributed over gratings.

Gratings are also available in Anti-skid surface finishing and are available in a wide range of colours and panel sizes. Moulded Gratings are also available in Fire Retardant Grade.

Types of Gratings:

1. Open gratings

2. Covered on one side

Technical Specifications:

1. Mesh Size: Sq.38mm X Sq.38mm

2. Rib Thickness: 5 to 7mm

3. Available thickness: 25/30/38mm

4. Glass content is 35%


  • Walkway for Solar Rooftop Panels
  • Walkway in Chemical Industries
  • Trench Cover in Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Platforms & Walkways in Water Treatment Plants
  • Foot Bridge, Step Threads, and Staircase.

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