PP Grids For Vacuum Belt Filter


We offer high quality PP Grid Vacuum Belt Filters that are made using quality raw materials. It is widely used in Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Food industries as filters & Screens. These are woven with best quality PP & exhibit features like:

  • Resistant to Corrosion
  • Acid & Heat Resistant

Products Range

  • ppfrp scrubber
  • laboratory fume hood
  • direct drive blower
  • frp linning
  • pp tray for dryers
  • PP Tower Packing
  • PP Round oval Cup Sink
  • PP Scrapper & PP Scoop
  • PP Impeller
  • PP Filter Nozzle Strainer
  • PP Lateral Ball
  • PP FRP Storage Tank
  • PP Grids For Vacuum Belt Filter
  • PP FRP Ducting
  • PP Tray
  • FRP Ducting
  • PP Ducting
  • FRP Lining
  • PP FRP Ducting

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