We provide FRP Gratings which are single piece molded available in different sizes. It also can be customized as per client panel size with ease of installation. The load carrying capacity is evenly distributed over grating.

Technical Specifications:

1. Glass content is 35%

2. Mesh Size: Sq.38mm X Sq.38mm X 38mm Height.

3. Rib Thickness: 5 to 7mm.

FRP Gratings are widely used in Highly corrosive environment & areas exposed to acids ,alkalis, chemicals, oils etc for following structures, replacing wood & steel almost completely. Our Gratings are Fire Retardant.

We are manufacturer of wide range of Fiberglass Grating surface finishes, colors & panel Sizes.

Types of Gratings:

1. Open gratings

2. Covered on one side


  • It is use as Walkway in Chemical Industries.
  • Used as a trench Cover in Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

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Products Range

  • ppfrp scrubber
  • laboratory fume hood
  • direct drive blower
  • frp linning
  • pp tray for dryers
  • PP Tower Packing
  • PP Round oval Cup Sink
  • PP Scrapper & PP Scoop
  • PP Impeller
  • PP Filter Nozzle Strainer
  • PP Lateral Ball
  • PP FRP Storage Tank
  • PP Grids For Vacuum Belt Filter
  • PP FRP Ducting
  • PP Tray
  • FRP Ducting
  • PP Ducting
  • FRP Lining
  • PP FRP Ducting

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