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The FRP Garden Bench Patti is made on a Fully Automatic machine by the process of Pultrusion. Which is widely used by Bench manufacturers. It has a Wooden finish on it which resembles Wooden Sections. The FRP Garden Bench Patti is UV stabilised so that it doesnot fade in Sun Light.

Comparison Between FRP & Others



  • We design fabricate, install & commission at site Scrubber made of PP + FRP, PVC FRP in various Diameter & heights
  • Its highly resistance to Corrosion & temperature resistance up to 100deg.C
  • It is packed with tower packing for increasing Scrubbing Efficiency
  • It is Very useful for SO2, SO3, HCL,HNO3 & NOx gases absorption & stripping, with alkalie & water to neutralize & to make acid.

Laboratory Fumehood :


  • This Fume hoods are epoxy Powder coated & thoroughly tested for its reliability.
  • Vertical rising counter-balanced Sash made out of toughened float Glass for Impact resistance & smooth sash operation.
  • Highly Chemical resistant laminated inner work walls.
  • Gas Connection Valves & Nozzles are provided as per requirement.

PP/FRP, PVC/FRP Storage Tanks & Vacuum Receiver

  • Self Supporting tanks made of PVC + FRP and Polypropylene + FRP embedded Mild-steel Structure for storage of Corrosive Chemicals. Capacity 200 liters to 1,50,000 Liters.
  • PP FRP, PVC FRP Reaction Vessel with P.P / PVC Agitator Capacity 200 Liters to 20,000 Liters .

PP/RIGID PVC/ FRP Ducting& Canopy Hoods with Damper

1. Ducting is fabricated out of 3mm & 5mm thick PP, PVC sheet as per requirements & externally coated with FRP to give good mechanical strength.

2. Highly resistant to acids ,alkalis & other corrosive gases & temperature resistance up to 110°C.

CORROSION RESISTANT PP/FRP & PVC/FRP Direct Drive Blower for Laboratory Fume Hood:

  • We offer PP, PVC, PVDF, FRP Blowers available in dif-ferent sizes and also used in different applications like chemical and pharmaceutical industries, bulk drugs, intermediates, organic chemicals & plating, anodizing industries. They are acknowledged for their features like effective, smooth and energy efficient functioning and resistance to corrosion.
  • Protecting the health of workmen and ensuring increase in production.
  • Direct Drive Blowers are used for exhaust of Fumes from Laboratory Fume Hood.
  • Impellers which are used in blowers are One Piece Molded in various sizes 10”, 12.5” , 17”, 24” Diameter
  • Blowers are made up to 35,000 CFM capacity & tested as per ISI specification No. IS 4894-1968 FOR Capacity and W.G. Pressure .

PVCFRP,FRP Indirectly Driven Blower for Exhaust & Scrubbing of Fumes from Reaction Vessels.

FRP Lining :

Our company is known for expertise in superior range of FRP Linings which have been made using the best raw materials available and using the best technology available in the market for lining to MS Tanks and Civil Trenches and Pits. These products have been priced at very reasonable rates in the market and they are high on demand in the market. These products offer a high performance and they offer a long lasting service life.


FRP Lining :

It is used for highly Corrosive Chemicals for various range of Temperature ,with high Stability & Rigidity .Baffles are provided for generating turbulence in the tank . Agitator can be made of MS with PP Lining with gearbox motor arrangement.

Reaction Vessel can also be tailor made as per client requirement.


Features :

  • Injection moulded one piece ,with high mechanical strength.
  • Resistant to acids, alkalies & corrosive chemicals.
  • Temperature Resistant up to 140oC.
  • Very useful for drying & crystallization.
  • Smooth surface , easy to clean & wash with water.
  • No contamination, materials do not stick , so no loss of materials.
  • Economical and much more superior then aluminum and FRP trays.
  • No effect of atmospheric corrosive gases & liquid lying on the floor inside the factory.

AVAILABLE SIZE 32”Length X 16” Width X 1.25” Height with 5 mm wall thickness. SPECIAL SIZES CAN BE MADE FOR BULK REQUIREMENTS.

PP Pall Ring & Telerate Tower Packing :

It is the most efficient types of ring packing for large scale superior characteristic derive from the slotted wall & the internal projecting tongues, which give this higher capacity or lower pressure drop also higher contact efficiency arising from the better disposition. And better wetting of the surface Migration of liquid forward of the vessel wall is also reduced. The free gas space is much


Nominal Size in Inches Approxi-mate Num-ber Per Ft3 Weight LBS Per Ft3 Weight Per Pcs Wall Thick-ness Contact Surface Sq.ft/Ft3 Free Gas Space Percentage
1 1440 5.2 2 gms. 1.0 mm. 63 9.1
1 1/2 520 5.0 6.5 gms. 1.6 mm. 44 90
2 175 4.5 12 gms . 2.0 mm . 32 91
3 45 2.5 37 gms . 2.25 mm . 20 93
3 1/2 50 3.4 60 gms . 2.75 mm .    

PP Oval & Round Cupsink :

  • Our Cupsinks are manufacture from virgin Polypropylene in Black Color.
  • It is mostly used for Laboratory purpose in Fumehoods & Lab Furnture.
  • Highly Resistant to All Chemicals & Good mechanical Strength.

PP Scrapper & PP Scoop :

  • Our Scrapper /Spatulas & Scoop are manufacture from Virgin Polypropylene & having good mechanical strength & unbreakable handle.
  • It is widely used in Chemical ,Pharmaceutical, fine chemicals , API, Drug Intermediates, Dyes,

PP Grids For Vacuum Belt Filter:

We offer high quality PP Grid Vacuum Belt Filters that are made using quality raw materials. It is widely used in Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Food industries as filters & Screens. These are woven with best quality PP & exhibit features like:

  • Resistant to Corrosion
  • Acid & Heat Resistant

PP Impeller:

PP impeller is injection moulded one piece statically & dynamically balanced. Impellers are available in Different Capacities & pressures :

Sizes: 10”,12.5” ,15.5”,17” & 24”.

PP Strainers , Lateral , Ejector, Ball :

These Strainers are used for Filtration application in pressure sand filter , carbon filter, softeners etc. The MOC of Strainer are made out of PP which is suitable for drinking water application & Resist corrosion having good mechanical strength also these strainers can be made out in different grade of material based on Clients application.

These Strainers are installed on strainer as plate design & Header lateral system for distribution & collection purpose. These Strainers are providing very good flow rate & by which it improves the backwash & filtration efficiency of the Plant. Slit size of strainer is 0.2mm

PP Balls are manufactured from virgin Polypropylene .It is mostly used to recover evaporation and heat loss in electroplating Industries. It is highly resistant to Chemicals, having good mechanical strength.

FRP Gratings:

FRP Gratings are widely used in Highly corrosive environment & areas exposed to acids ,alkalis, chemicals, oils etc for following structures, replacing wood & steel almost completely. Our Gratings are Fire Retardant.

We offer Gratings in a wide range of surface finishes, colors & panel Sizes.

Types of Gratings:

1. Open gratings

2. Covered on one side


  • Panel size: 1m x 1m
  • Clear Opening /Mesh size: 30mmX30mm square mesh
  • Depth : 20 mm, 25mm & 30mm
  • Rib Bar thickness: 8mm X 10mm
  • Bar thickness 20 mm at corners 20mm at center and corner
  • Weight : 17kg, 19kg & 21kg respectively.
  • Load Carrying: 2 Ton, 4 Ton & 6 Ton for 2 parallel edges
  • supported at maximum 1 m span for loads of
  • 2000 Kgs per sqm UDL, 4000 Kgs per sqm UDL & 6000 Kgs per sqm UDL respectively.

    TYPE - II

  • Panel size: 1m x 1m
  • Clear Opening /Mesh size: 38mmX38mm square mesh
  • Depth : 20 mm, 25mm & 30mm
  • Rib Bar thickness: 8mm X 6mm
  • Bar thickness 20 mm at corners.
  • Weight: 12kg, 14kg & 17kg respectively
  • Load Carrying: 500 Kg, 900 Kg & 1.3 T for 2 parallel edges supported at maximum 1 m span for loads of 500 Kgs per sqm UDL,
  • 900 Kgs per sqm UDL & 1.3 T per sqm UDL respectively

  • Fiber Glass Pultruded Grating :

    SPI Grating Systems provide an efficient and cost effective solution for all flooring, walkways and decking areas requiring long term performance in aggressive and corrosive environments. Constructed from glass reinforced thermoset resins, SPI grating is designed and manufactured with a structural integrity commonly associated with steel and aluminium, but without their corrosion problems. All pultruded profiles used in gratings were made of premium grade isophthalic polyester or vinyl ester resins and meet the fire retardancy requirements and ASTM E-84. It contain nominally 50% E glass reinforcement. The pultruded load bar will be of high strength I-Beam design. All loading members shall be mechanically locked to each other via two spacing bars and central locking rod. Where anti-skid is required, a tough epoxy-quartz coating is applied to the surface of all loading members.


    Chemical and Corrosion Resistance The use of premium grade resins containing UV inhibitors and an outer reinforcing continuous strand mat topped by a non glass surfacing tissue, optimum protection against corrosion and weathering can be achieved. It resists a wide range of aggressive acids, salts, alkalis and other chemical environments which can have disastrous effect on metallic grating systems.


    The pultruded fibreglass used in the gratiy has a specific gravity of one-fourth that of steel and two-thirds that of aluminium which considerably simplifies installation and handling. Unlike metallic grating, Fiber Glass grating can be easily cut on site using only hand tools.


    Fibreglass composites do not interfere with electromagnetic and radio frequency transmissions. Pultruded grating can be safely applied in towers and other structures used in the transmission of such signals.


    Pultruded Grating can be used safely in electrical work areas. Special support conditions to prevent electrolytic corrosion are not required.


    Unlike many other fibreglass systems, the use of a double mechanical lock system to locate and space the load bars makes Grating a permanently stable panel.


    Grating has a tough, quartz epoxy finish that will ensure the maximum in skid resistance and safety even in wet environments.


    Very favourable results have been demonstrated with the materials emphasising low installation costs and long service life with minimum maintenance. FRP Grating is designed using high strength to weight ratio pultruded structural composite profiles.


    Standard panel sizes are nominal 914mm (36 in) or 1219mm (48 in) wide by 3048mm (120 in) span. Other sizes are available to order to a maximum of 1219 mm (48 in) wide by 6096mm (240 in) span. Panel weight must be considered when ordering large panels. Special shape panels can be cut from standard width stock panels.


    Made with premium grade isophthalic polyester resin yielding excellent chemical resistance with high physical properties.


    Also made with isophthalic polyester vinylester resin but with built-in fire retardant additives. Complies with ASTM E-84 and the self extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635 and UL 94V-0.


    Standard and fire retardant Safetread is made in Safety Yellow. Other colours can be made to order.


    FRP grating is engineered to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS1657-1992. An exception is Series 600 Type 600 which exceeds the open area requirement of the standard.



    Manufactured using high strength, corrosion resistant materials meeting the requirements of OSHA, Section 1910.23, that will stand a load of 200 pound (90.6kg) on any direction.

    The resin shall be fire retardant isophthalic polyester or vinyl ester with rating of 25 or less as per ASTM E-84.

    Highly visible safety yellow colour pigmented throughout. A synthetic surface veil on all outer expose surface layers for chemical and ultraviolet resistance.


    • High Strength to Weight to Ratio
    • High Strength to Weight to Ratio
    • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
    • Fire Retardant
    • Non-Conductive
    • Cost Performance-Low Maintenance

    All ladder side rails, rungs, ladder mounting brackets and cage straps are to be FRP structural shapes manufactured by the pultrusion process.

    Cage hoops and brackets shall be produced by the open molded hand lay-up method.

    All structural shapes shall be composed of fiberglass reinforcement and resin.

    Fiberglass reinforcement shall be a combination of continuous roving, continuous strand mat, bi-directional roving mat and surfacing veil in sufficient quantities as needed by the application and/or physical properties required.

    Resins shall be {Isophthalic Polyester or Vinyl Ester} with chemical formulation necessary to provide the corrosion resistance, strength and other physical properties as required.

    All finished surfaces of FRP items and fabrications shall be smooth, resin-rich, free of voids and without dry spots, cracks, crazes or un-reinforced areas. All glass fibers shall be well covered with resin to protect against their exposure due to wear or weathering .

    All pultruded ladder components shall be further protected from ultraviolet attack (integral UV inhibitors in the resin) a synthetic surfacing veil to help produce a resin rich surface.

    All FRP products shall have a tested flame spread rating of 25 or less per ASTM E-84.

    The ladder side rail shall be 1-3/4" square tube with wall thickness of 1/4" or greater. The rungs shall be 1-1/4" diameter pultruded structural shapes, continuously fluted to provide a non-slip surface. Rungs that are gritted as a secondary operation shall not be permitted. Ladder wall and floor mount shall be fabricated from pultruded angles, 3/8" minimum thickness.

    The ladder cage vertical bars shall be 1.5" wide by 5/8" pultruded shapes to offer protection to workers from exposed hardware. Cage hoops and cage brackets shall be manufactured by the open mold hand lay-up process. All cage hoops shall be 3" wide by 1/4" thick minimum.

    Type 316 stainless steel bolts shall be provided for attaching ladder cage vertical bars to hoops, ladder hoops to brackets, ladder cage brackets to the ladder, and wall brackets to the ladder.

    All rungs shall be both mechanically attached to the ladder with stainless steel rivets and chemically bonded with epoxy. All ladder and cage components are to be integrally pigmented yellow.

    The Ladder Systems meet or exceed OSHA requirements and building code for safety and design.

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